M-Tec Co.,Ltd



Aiming to Be a Valuable Company to Construct a Bright Future

Catastrophic natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons have become more frequent all over the world in recent decades. Moreover, it is concerned that the risk of disasters is elevated by the effects of extreme weather. In the circumstances, construction business takes a greater role in the society to save human life and property.

M.TEC Co., Ltd. has expanded its business mainly prestressed concrete engineering since established in 1988. We have been engaged in the work on our mission to develop and maintain of social infrastructure.

Meanwhile, construction industry faces many challenges as improvement of working environment, lack of labors, fostering the next generation, and enhancement of efficiency. To change the status quo and create more attractive business field, we would address these issues as much as possible and contribute to the development of the industry.

We would drive continuous improvement and innovation of construction engineering by not only our expertise in PC engineering, but also civil engineering and building construction. Additionally, tackling the problems in the construction businesses, we would meet expectations of all stakeholders.

President and Representative Director, Teruyoshi Mukoyama

Company Motto

1. Respect and Responsibility

◆Employees will have self respect and work with self responsibility.
◆Employees shall have responsible manner as business man, and have fair mind and self development.

2. Confidence and Trust

◆To get confidence within company and to have trust out of company.
◆To be good manner and appearance and also keep promise.
◆To establish good relationship without any flower words.

3. Safety and Health

◆Safety at workplace is the top priority subject, and operations will be conducted from the stand point of human life.
◆Employees will maintain health by themselves.

4. Originality and Idea

◆Employees are always aiming to have better economy and quality by the Originality and Idea.
◆Continuous study will make better effectiveness and quality.

5. Communication, Consultation, Reporting, Confirmation.

◆Operation shall be based on " HORENSOU" Where Horensou : Ho = Report, Ren = Communication, Sou = Consulting
◆Concern or Problem shall be reported for future operation.

6. Maintenance and Saving

◆Cost reduction is always required.

7. 3S (Seiri, Seiton, Seisou)

◆Employees will always perform Operation with 3S Where 3S : Seiri = Arrangment, Seiton = Trim, Seisou = Clean up

8. Company asset management

◆Company asset shall be well management for long life operation.