M-Tec Co.,Ltd



Aiming for Contributional Company to Japan's Future

Nowadays 21 Century, Various information in the world will be spread at same time, And Young people will be alive not only in Japan but also in globe. M-Tec Co. ,Ltd has established in 1988 so that we will continuous support these aggressive young people.

M-Tec Co. , Ltd. Wishes big growth based on the Motto "The Great Land of Freedom under the Blue Sky. "Our Company has been growing just like USA Business Culture as Human Relation-ship in our company is friendly and has discussed among young, new comer and executives under freedom.

Our Company wishes to contribute to Future Development of Japan.

President and Representative Director, Teruyoshi Mukoyama

Company Motto

1. Respect and Responsibility

◆Employees will have self respect and work with self responsibility.
◆Employees shall have responsible manner as business man, and have fair mind and self development.

2. Confidence and Trust

◆To get confidence within company and to have trust out of company.
◆To be good manner and appearance and also keep promise.
◆To establish good relationship without any flower words.

3. Safety and Health

◆Safety at workplace is the top priority subject, and operations will be conducted from the stand point of human life.
◆Employees will maintain health by themselves.

4. Originality and Idea

◆Employees are always aiming to have better economy and quality by the Originality and Idea.
◆Continuous study will make better effectiveness and quality.

5. Communication, Consultation, Reporting, Confirmation.

◆Operation shall be based on " HORENSOU" Where Horensou : Ho = Report, Ren = Communication, Sou = Consulting
◆Concern or Problem shall be reported for future operation.

6. Maintenance and Saving

◆Cost reduction is always required.

7. 3S (Seiri, Seiton, Seisou)

◆Employees will always perform Operation with 3S Where 3S : Seiri = Arrangment, Seiton = Trim, Seisou = Clean up

8. Company asset management

◆Company asset shall be well management for long life operation.