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Pre-stressed concrete products are construction products used in architecture and civil engineering to apply compression stress to concrete beforehand using pre-stressed concrete steel bands on the weakness of tensile strength.
Its performance is extremely strong on bend and crack, with excellent doable, and it is resistant to weathering such as seawater, wind and rain.
Due to this fact, it can be widely used in fields ranging from bridges, water and sewage facilities, and general civil engineering to apartments and skyscrapers.


Saitama Honjo Factory

Approved to display JIS qualification JIS A 5373
ISO9001 ISO14001

Address 〒367-0038
2-47 Imaidai Honjo-shi Saitama-ken
TEL 0495-23-0202 FAX 0495-23-0200
Factory Land Space 38,379㎡
Factory Floor Space 4,801㎡
Product stock yard 17,422㎡
Pre-stress Equipment Long Line System, 78m 700t 2sets.

Main Plant of PC Construction

Honjo factory is located near the IC of kanetsu Highway and Factory land space is enough for production and supplying good Bridge, Pier, Beam and Slab. M-Tec can contribute to customers be satisfied with effective Q C D under 120 employees of Engineers and workers.